Ice Ice Baby

It’s here.  Winter has definitely arrived and despite this happening every year of my existence I always promise that next year I’ll move somewhere exotic.


I’m still here.

Saying that, there’s something different about this winter…my little piglet is experiencing snow for the first time and is feeling the freezing cold air against her soft skin.

She is also clinging on for dear life as every morning I scramble to regain balance on ice-rink car park that never gets gritted!

Ice also gets on my grill for another reason.

My windscreen!

Every morning a glacier has formed across the window.  I’m already running late for work before I’ve even left the house.  I don’t have time to get frostbite scraping Mont Blanc off my car!

It’s in times like these I wish I had a boyfriend to do these many things for me.

Scratch that!

If I’m going to wish for anything it would be for no ice!


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