Working from home

So, when my boss texts announcing pay cuts I make a request to work from home a few days a week to offset it against childcare. My rockstar boss (well not totally rockstar -given the aforementioned pay cut!) agrees! Yippee! More time with my little lady!

What’s been happening…

1: First day from home and work laptop is broken due to smoothie spillage. The geniuses at Apple can’t fix it so it’s a write off. Most expensive smoothie ever…

2: “Are you there or are you enjoying tequila in the garden?” Yes I’m here and NO I am not enjoying a tequila in the fu@king garden- that I don’t have. (I cant afford a place with a garden and this pay cut makes that a faraway fantasy). Are you drinking tequila at your desk?! I am infact on my hands and knees scrubbing shit off the floor (after foolishly giving my lady nappy free time) whilst mentally composing an email in my head and keeping the babe away from the poop zone. This swipe also goes for those who IM saying “you awake?”. Yes mother fu@cker I’ve been awake since 4.30am settling my teething tot, I haven’t slept properly for over a year. My child doesn’t recognise this as an opportunity for a lie in, it’s business as usual. Admittedly I’m still in my PJ’s…

3: I’m actually working longer hours at home. Not having to physically leave the workplace means..well…you kinda keep working…and working…

4. My apartment is turning into an office. Piles of paper and cables. Note to self -hide work stuff outside of working hours…otherwise I feel pressured and reminded of work related tasks. Fengshui that sh!t!

5. Screaming baby + client on phone. BREATHE…

6. Spending more time with my amazing bubs is brilliant!

Is it hard? Yes.

Do I want a tequila? Yes please 😀


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