5 annoying things we’re all guilty of

1. Caring too much about what others think.

How frustrating is it to overanalyse something you said that makes others think you’re a freak from another planet. Don’t we all hate that annoying feeling of… Does he like me? Do they like me? Do my work mates like me? Does my family like me? Do my parents hate me? You catch the drift. I don’t have a solution all I can say is you’re awesome and I like you! Now carry on being the cool freak that you are.

2. Imagine what could have been.

Learning from your past is what enables you to grow and mature. Living in the past is like holding your breath- the longer you do it the more it hurts. Let it go. Don’t get lost in the crossroads of your life. You have chosen your path. It might different from what you imagined or expected but that’s the glory of life. Imagine going to a party where you knew exactly what was going to happen…it would be a pretty boring party hey? The unknown is exciting! ‘What could have been’ is far less appealing than what’s going to be! 

3. Know we use technology too much…and continue to do it.

“Ok I’m not going to look on Facebook before I go to bed” fast forward 40 minutes and I’m on my high school boyfriends, holiday snaps from his stag do last year wondering if it could have been me he was marrying. If you have ever experienced this see previous point and STEP AWAY FROM THE PHONE! 

4. Picking spots

It was small and now you’ve dug a hole into the side of your chin trying to get that annoying little blackhead out. Nothing I say will stop you. We are creatures after all and we are programmed to groom and keep oursleves in good nick. Check out our ancestors – they even groom each other, although I think they’re looking for ticks. Perhaps this annoyance doesn’t apply if you’re picking someone else’s spots. Having said that it would be a bit weird if you started fingering their hair and munching on scalp dust!

5. Timekeeping

This annoyance applies to everyone. You fall into two categories here:- The “timekeeper” or the “timebreaker”. Both are equally annoying. I’m a timebreaker and it drives me crazy how time creeps up on me like I’ve woke up from a coma and a chunk of time is unaccounted for…all I know is I was busy…doing what exactly…stuff! The “timekeeper”, well, it must be pretty annoying when everyone else is late?  Come…join the dark side…if we’re all late…we’re all on time right? 

💜 SSM x


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