When your child begins to form words out of goo goo gaga, it’s like hearing “Man In The Mirror” <insert own song here> for the first time, overwhelmingly beautiful. You feel so much pride and love for this miniature person.

That is until they learn words you don’t really want them to say. Swear words for example. Toddler swearing = bad…also strangely funny but mostly bad! Bad. Bad. Bad. And funny.
Today, I’m not talking about the obvious words you don’t want your kids screaming out. Today I’m talking about everyday words that out of context can be…bad!

Let’s take last weekend for example. I was at another wedding with the little lady. She’s getting restless so I make a b-line for the exit. Slightly embarrassed by the commotion I pick up the pace…suddenly she screams “HELP! HELP! HELP!” The sound of her voice bounces off the church walls and immediately all eyes are on the crazy baby snatcher making a run for it.

Putting her in the car has also turned heads. I’m past the stage where I feel the need to explain to total strangers that “I’m not kidnapping this child, she is in fact my daughter”

Where she learnt it? No idea.

Is it embarrassing? Yes.

Am I secretly laughing inside? Yes- crying with laughter.


💜 SSM x


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