The Writing’s On The Wall

The writing’s literally on my wall.

I like art. I can appreciate pretty drawings, cool photography and of course my daughters scribbles.

Today, during colouring time a staple ingredient was absent.


I was distracted when my boss phoned.  “We need to change our process”, “we need to look at the bigger picture”, “we need to add value”, blah, blah blah, he goes on and on..

I listen “ah ha”, “yes”, “big picture”, “yeah, yeah the process”. Trying my best to merely ‘add value’ to the conversation whilst becoming alerted to the weird scraping sound coming from the living room.

I poke my head around the door.

Oh shit!

She’s drawing all over the wall.

I stop mini Banksy and remove the wax weapon from her possession.

She cries.  Like, really cries!  She’s devastated she can’t finish off her grafitti art.  My boss, still on the phone, wraps up the conversation.  Phew, thanks boss!

I put the phone down, grab a cloth and rub.

It doesn’t come off.

We live in rented accommodation so I naturally panic,  “I’m never going to get my deposit back”

I go to the only place I know will have the answer.


Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 22.14.57

Really?  Mayonnaise?

I have mayo!

I roll with it and smear mayo all over my walls.

As instructed, I let it soak for few minutes and wipe.

Nothing comes off.

I now have graffiti inspired walls that smell of eggy farts.

Cheers Google!

💜 SSM x


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