“I’m quitting” and repeat.

Three life changing words right there, which I think about a lot.  I rationalise this in my head at least 3 times a day and it follows the same pattern.

This job is WAY too stressful.

I hate this job.

Who even cares about <insert task at hand>?

Like who ACTUALLY cares?!

We’re not solving world hunger or finding a cure for cancer!

This is pointless.

How am I supposed to work from home and answer client calls with my daughter running around like a football hooligan?

Or… how about putting my salary back up so I can afford full-time childcare again and take a call like a regular employee without having to muffle the phone to drown out the noise of my daughter going psycho and kicking the door down because she wants to say “hello”.

Talk about a stressful situation.

I’d rather just be at home with my baba

This full time working single mum shit is super HARD!

Another call.  We’ve won another project…

I don’t care.

More work, more office politics, more process changes, more stress.

I hate this job.

Responding to emails…

“oh you have a deadline of yesterday” thanks for letting me know you gigantic pleb

I haven’t eaten all day…I should really eat.

Well at least I’m not getting fat.

I loved working in music and film.

*starts googling film and music jobs in the area*


I guess I liked working at the old folks home during my uni days.

Could I go back to that?

Or perhaps train to be a hairdressing?

Oh! Maybe I could cut old peoples hair?

*starts googling hairdressing courses*

Jesus christ courses are expensive.

I’m stuck in this job forever


I’m quitting!

I don’t need another job to go to.

Wait…I have bills.

I’ll stick at it for a bit longer.

And repeat.

💜 SSM x


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