Baths are bad!


Sanctuary or sewer?

Sanctuary right?

I thought so too.

It had been a long day, I hadn’t showered and to be honest I stank!  That said, there’s something strangely satisfying about your natural body odour.  It’s a novelty to let yourself go in world where cosmetics, deodorants and sanitisers are rammed down your throat.

Well yesterday…I was like a stinky rebel and I felt proud!

Anyway this isn’t a post about growing your pitt hair, using deodorant or letting yourself go.

This is about having a bath.

So last night…I decide to get rid of the natural aroma and treat myself.

I ran the bath.

Poured in my special bubble bath into the running water like a soapy waterfall from a magical paradise.

Put Peppa Pig on for the little lady.

Lit some candles.

And got into the blessed bath.

I close my eyes and for a few moments mind takes me here.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 19.43.53.png


I start to feel smug.

Fast forward two minutes.

The little lady trots in.




But cute!

Leaning over I give her a cuddle.

This does not foot the bill.

“Cuddles!”, “Cuddles Mummy!”

I have two options.

  1. get out the bath
  2. get her in the bath

I go with latter thinking she needs a bath too.

Two birds one bath!

She is relaxed.

I’m relaxed.

Peace and cuddles.


Let’s fast forward another two minutes when…

I feel her little fingers grip my shoulder.

Aw is she is cuddling me?


I love her so much!

I think she is actually cuddling me!

She grips a little harder and nestles her little face into my neck.

Aw! My heart fills up.

She grunts.

Shit! What’s she doing?

“Are you OK baby?”

Before she could answer I saw it…

The brown log blissfully floating in the bath with us like it’s on vacation in the Bahamas!

“Poop!” she says.

“Yep. That’s a poop”

“Oh… and there you go again”

It’s getting crowded in here!

Time to abandon ship.

“Pyjama time!”

I pull the plug.

Dodging the floaters and making a swift exit whilst wondering if my daughter thought I smelt so bad she could shit on me.

I’ll take a shower next time.

💜 SSM x


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  1. Oh my goodness this made me laugh out loud! “It’s getting crowded in here” ahaha xx


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