5 I do’s for taking your child to a wedding

Taking your child to a wedding can be like throwing the cat amongst the pigeons.

Having attended a few weddings with my little lady as my +1  I’ve unearthed a few tricks to making the day more manageable for the single parent.

Here are my top 5 do’s for the big day.

1. Do have a big breakfast

It’s a long day and you and your little one will need all the energy you can get. A hungry baby is a grumpy baby. We’ve all experienced growling bellies between the vows and wedding dinner. Come prepared (snacks, juice sunscreen etc) and try to maintain your routine…this included getting her changed into a baby grow and settled in her buggy at bedtime.

2. Do bring sound defenders

These are a godsend! When the band kicks in and the party gets going- pop these on your babe and they won’t be disturbed. Check them out by clicking here.

3. Do let them run riot

Within reason. I’m by no means suggesting you let them demolish the wedding cake or put themselves in any danger. But let them run free and enjoy hanging out with the other kiddies. As a single parent it’s difficult to have an adult conversation whilst making sure your little one is ok. We’re a one man band afterall which means we don’t get to tap in or out whilst our other half holds baby fort. If you let them run riot they will be ready for a nice snooze in their buggy with their sound defenders on, allowing you to chat or kick off your shoes and sing your heart out to Katy Perry.

4. Do let others help you

I can be my own worst enemy at times. I hate asking for help.  Despite being super organised and preparing for the worst nothing can ever prepare you for the unpredictability of your child. Tantrums can be exhausting and on a long day can take their toll on you. If a friend or family offers to help…then take it! Single parents are fierce-  we can do everything single handedly BUT sometimes give yourself a break and accept a little help. You will be glad you did.

5. Do enjoy the day with your little cherub

It’s going to be a long stressful day and your little one will be all to sorts, but try and relax and enjoy the day. The more you relax the less uptight and stressed you will feel. How lovely that you and your little one can enjoy this day together amongst your family and friends. Oh and No. 6 Do remember to get lots of pics!

Have a lovely time. You all rock!



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