Motherhood – The Taboo

A few months ago I was signed off with work related stress.

I’d started the job when the little lady was 11 months and stuck at it for a year and a half (missing out on quite a lot of milestones).

The satisfaction of working and providing for us was constantly overshadowed by the guilt I felt every morning when I would leave my daughter.

The job itself was also one giant clusterfuck, so I threw the towel in before throwing myself off a cliff!

That meant the job I had previously been working part time became full time.

I became a ‘stay at home mum’.



I felt like I was exactly where I was meant to be.

With my daughter.


Her mother.

Caring for her 24/7, as my mother did with me.


I learnt a stark difference between parenting now and parenting in the 80’s, like my mum.

The Taboo.

Back then it was the norm for mums to stay at home and raise their kids.

These days it’s more a ‘luxury’.

And the crazy thing about this ‘luxury’ is that you can be belittled or ridiculed for it.

Without invitation.

“Oh I couldn’t do it, I’d get bored”

“What time did you get up today, 12pm?”

“What are you planning on doing work wise?”

“Were you in the sun today? Life of bloody riley this one!”

That got me thinking…

Why is childminding considered a respected and challenging profession but caring for your own is a breeze, insignificant or not seen as contributing to society?

Is it because…

I don’t get a monthly pay cheque?

Wear a uniform?

Have designated hours or breaks?

Have any childcare qualifications?

I wonder if the same questions people ask me, would ask a professional?

Would they feel comfortable asking them if they got out of bed at 12pm?

Telling them their is job boring?


Asking when they’re going to get a proper job?

I don’t think so.

Whether you are a stay at home mum or work, I can’t help but notice that the virtue and respect of motherhood is vanishing.

Isn’t it time to stop comparing this role to a traditional  9-5 job?

Because lets face it.

It’s not.

It’s like looking after the drunkest person in the club, you know the one that can’t walk, talk, doesn’t have control over bodily functions, overly emotional, utterly fearless and completely wreckless.

It’s that.


We all know motherhood doesn’t come with all the ‘credible’ things society recognises such as financial reward,  promotions, commission, company car, a difficult morning commute, uniform or designated hours.

It comes with…


Motherhood is not a job.

It is life.



*Pic of me and the little lady eating breakfast outside on a nice day.






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